This question arises on a daily basis in the print industry. With more and more customers designing their own business cards, brochures, post cards, etc., it is essential to know this difference in order to achieve your desired colors. This is a quick overview without getting very technical.

RGB has a larger array of colors that your monitor, scanner and digital cameras use to achieve bright colors. CMYK is used to produce four color process in the printing world. CMYK has a smaller gamut of colors then RGB, and uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black pigments to create a full color imprint. So, mapping or converting from RGB to CMYK can give unexpected results since a color in the RGB format may not have a CMYK counterpart. A great example of this is if you design in RGB, you might have a color on the screen that looks blue in the RGB palette, but when printed in CMYK comes out purple.

It is crucial, that when you sit down to design your print piece to make sure you are creating it in the CMYK format. This will allow piece of mind that your colors when printed will be achieved.

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